Norway 2022/2023

In the Netherlands, there's no square meter of land untouched or processed. So much is 'flat' and every square meter is destined. And with all land manufactured, it's easy to convince yourself in the manufacturability of Earth. The illusion of control. 

Norway to me was a confrontation with the bias of that believe. The Nordic landscapes demand their respect. In contrary to my homecountry the Netherlands, where humans tend to look down on the landscape. Thinking we own the land. Forgetting we're borrowing this land from greater forces like water, which takes back the land when our constructs won't hold anymore.

Norwegian landscape looks down on you and makes you feel small. It demands humbleness. Mountains reminding you that not everything is manufacturable. Glacier rivers reminding you that they can't be turned off. 

This Norway collection is an homage to the way the elements manifest itself. Where tens of thousands of years water flows against rocks, clouds drift over mountains, wind and current shapes the coast.

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