This is my photography portfolio. The photos I present here capture a moment. They're an ode to a set of conditions that move me. They're the essence of the place, subject, or conditions that are in front of me at that specific moment.

I photograph these moments out of curiosity. I try to carefully consider the compositions, but embrace chaos when it presents itself. The photos are cryptic and convey the alienation of the original surroundings. I'm not composing images.

These photographs are the product of a process that is just as valuable to me as the outcome. I immerse myself in a place and attempt to translate the impact it has on me into a photo.

What I like and don't like

I like strolling around for hours, in new or familiar places. I like giving a new perspective on already known places, subjects, or conditions. I like creating images in the camera as much as possible, using a grey- or polarisation filter every now and then. I like pure with a rough edge.

I don't like spending a lot of time on post-processing, so no Photoshopped images in this portfolio, mostly some standard raw post-processing steps, for which I use Capture One. For now i'm working digital. If I'm ever stepping on a plane again, it will never be with the sole purpose of capturing photographs on a distant location, due to environmental reasons.

Copyright & Contact

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Contact? Send an e-mail to: hello (at) hansfoks.com

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