L'Albero / 2023

A dead tree is a universal symbol for humanity. Symbolic of transience, wisdom, perseverance, stability and strength, and connection with the spiritual world. This symbolism has never been as visible to me in all its facets as it is here in these Tuscan forests.

The chestnut tree is a source of economic prosperity and cultural history, and a crucial condition for a symbiotic relationship with animals, plant diversity, fertile soil and the control of greenhouse gases by storing carbon dioxide. Ancient forests that enable new life and promote diversity.

As the sun sets and twilight descends, these dead trees provide a different kind of life again. For the observer, the trees come to life, invoking emotions such as fear, wonder, alertness to danger, vulnerability, and loneliness. In my photos, I invite the viewer into this environment to experience the emotions that these images evoke.

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